What is in ENOF, anyway?
ENOF is made of six highly nutritious vegetables: Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach, Beets, Carrots and Broccoli. ENOF contains no GMOs, syrups, sugars or dyes.

Is ENOF allergen-free?
Yes, ENOF is allergen-free. You can read through the full nutrition information here

Is ENOF gluten-free?
Yes! No gluten here, and no chance for cross-contamination either. ENOF is safe for those who have Celiac Disease or other gluten-related allergies.

Is ENOF organic?
The vegetables in ENOF are organic, however we have not yet obtained organic certification from the USDA.

Is this really enough ENOF?
It’s hard to imagine that 3 shakes is enough, but it is. If you want to test it out, shake it into a 1/4 teaspoon measure. A little less than one fifth (that’s right, just one fifth!) of this measure will be a serving for one person. This is the nutritional equivalent of about 2.5 servings of fresh vegetables. Most people should get about 5 servings a day, so they would use ENOF twice each day.

ENOF sounds almost too good to be true. How can that be?
WE KNOW. It’s really a small amount. This is possible due to new technology that allows for almost all of the bulk to be removed from the ingredients, leaving only the good stuff. Remember how you felt when you got your first cell phone? It was a breakthrough. ENOF is a breakthrough too. See the science behind it here.

How is ENOF made? Do the vegetables lose nutritional value during processing? 
ENOF is made through a simple four-step process that involves freeze-drying organic vegetables and freeze-drying them to grind them into powder form. We designed this process to ensure that all of the nutritional value of the vegetables is preserved – with ENOF, you get the full nutritional benefit of raw vegetables in a form that’s simple and healthy for your entire family. Learn the science behind our process here.

Can I cook with ENOF without damaging the nutrients?
Absolutely! You can put ENOF into recipes and (within reason) bake, boil, broil, grill, microwave, or freeze without impacting the nutrition provided by ENOF. We recommend the following:

  • Baking – 450F for no more than 45 minutes
  • Boiling – Medium high flame for no more than 30 minutes
  • Broiling – High heat for no more than 10 minutes; broil on low to your heart’s content
  • Grill – Medium high flame for no more than 20 minutes
  • Microwave – High power for no more than 10 minutes when mixed into another dish
  • Freezing – No restrictions

Cooking for longer than the recommendations above will cause ENOF to degrade and begin to lose its nutritional value.

My kids love their vitamins, why is this better?
Most vitamins are made with synthetic nutrients which are not nearly as easily absorbed into the body as real food. Also, most vitamins have sugar, syrup, artificial coloring and other junk. Don’t your kids already get enough of those things? See here for more info 

Can I buy ENOF as a gift?
Yes you can and we think that’s great. Just set up the shipment to the recipient’s address. Right now we don’t have a way to gift wrap or include a note, but they will still really appreciate you thinking about them. 

I love ENOF and have a story that I’d like to share. Do you have a way for me to do that?
First of all, that’s awesome! We would love to hear your story. Just click here and tell us all about it.