We designed ENOF to be simple, nutritious and easy to use day in and day out. But don’t just take our word for it—see reviews from a few of our customers below! If you’re already a fan of ENOF, we encourage you to leave us a review on our product pages!

"I was giving my two kids a gummy vitamin. They loved them which I thought was great. I even tried one. It was great. But then I started reading the label. The two main ingredients were sugar based ingredients and in addition to that there seemed to be 50 other ingredients including artificial colors and flavor. I couldn’t even pronounce the names of some of the ingredients. I threw the rest of the bottle away and searched for an alternative. I found ENOF! Now I shake a bit on the kids cereal every morning!" —Brandy, Greensboro, NC


"We love ENOF! My 3 year old is not a good eater. I used to give her gummy vitamins to supplement and still seemed like she got sick every other week, but since we started using ENOF now even a runny nose is rare. We feel so much better as parents knowing she is getting the essential nutrition she needs everyday to grow and stay healthy. I shake this in/on everything milk, juice, mac & cheese, chocolate pudding, strawberries the list goes on. Very easy to use and a great find for the whole family." —Lisa, NC


"I found out about ENOF when my good friend and I went to lunch one day. She put ENOF on her meal and told me about it. I have a bottle of multi-vitamins at home that I want to take but I never remember to take them. I now carry ENOF with me and sprinkle it on my meals and cook with it too."—Sarah, Denver, CO


"I am so grateful for this product! My 4 year old has a serious vegetable aversion (and to most foods in general– she barely eats). I told her these are “Pinkalicious sprinkles” and they make foods taste yummier. So far she’s totally bought it, so not only is getting all the nutrients from ENOF, she’s actually eating some whole veggies because it is sprinkled on them. She especially loves them on baby carrots. Just hoping this lasts!" —Lizzie, NC


The best feedback I can provide is that it can added to just about any food without anyone knowing. I’ve put it on pasta, pizza and tuna salad! Stuff works great, and it’s most importantly EASY! —Luke, Minneapolis, MN


My first child will eat anything I put in front of him including fruits and vegetables. The second child, not so much. If it’s not a carb he won’t touch it. I was worried he wasn’t getting enough vareity in his diet. Now that we have ENOF he doesn’t even know he’s getting his vegetables. —Marisa, West Hollywood, CA


*This product is not intended to diagnose,
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