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Our three month supply of ENOF is a terrific option priced at a 25% discount per serving vs. the single month canister.  If you have a family, all of whom could benefit from additional vegetable nutrition, then this is the way to go.

ENOF (pronounced like "enough") is a revolutionary concentrated organic vegetable powder that can be sprinkled over or mixed into anything your family eats or drinks. It's packed with great nutrition—one serving (just 1/12th of a teaspoon!) contains up to 80% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamins A, C, D, E and K plus the nutrients are delivered right where your body needs them for maximum absorption.  Better yet, you can add ENOF into recipes and cook with it without losing the nutritional benefits and, since you use such a small amount of ENOF to provide the nutrition you need, it is virtually imperceptible - even by the pickiest of eaters.

3 one month canisters of ENOF - 180 servings in total.


      Yes, ENOF is allergen-friendly. ENOF does not contain any of the most common allergens (nuts of any kind, shellfish, dairy products, eggs, wheat or soy) and is not subject to cross-contamination in our manufacturing facillity either.  You can read through the full nutrition information here

      Yes! No gluten here, and no chance for cross-contamination either. ENOF is safe for those who have Celiac Disease or other gluten-related allergies.

      The vegetables in ENOF are organic, however we have not yet obtained organic certification from the USDA.

      The FDA does not technically "approve" food items - which is what ENOF is.  They do require that we provide full disclosure of the ingredients and also provide Nutrition Facts for the product, both of which can be viewed on our product pages here.

      WE KNOW. It’s really a small amount. This is possible due to new technology that allows for almost all of the bulk to be removed from the ingredients, leaving only the good stuff. Remember how you felt when you got your first cell phone? It was a breakthrough. ENOF is a breakthrough too. See the science behind it here.

      ENOF is made through an innovative four-step process that, at its core, involves freeze-drying organic vegetables and then grinding them into powder form. We designed this process to ensure that all of the nutritional value of the vegetables is preserved – with ENOF, you get the full nutritional benefit of raw vegetables in a form that’s simple and healthy for your entire family. Learn the science behind our process here.

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      ENOF is:

      Made from Organic Vegetables


      Gluten Free

      Sodium Free

      Zero Calories per serving

      Allergen Friendly 


      Carrots*, tomatoes*, beets*, broccoli*, spinach*, shiitake mushrooms*, rice concentrate*, palm kernel oil, vegetable gum(s): (konjac root and/or gellan and/or xanthan)

      * Organic

      ENOF does NOT contain:

      Synthetic Nutrients

      Artificial Ingredients

      Preservatives, Syrups, Sugars, Aspartame or sweeteners of any type